Thursday, 13 December 2012

Who will wear the crown of Miss Universe 2012

The winner of the 2012 edition of Miss Universe Pageant will be announced on the 19th of dec 2012 in Las Vegas, United State.
The pageant has been going on for 61years now. This year’s edition which has been on since the 6th of Dec has beautiful girls from 89 countries  contesting for the crown of Miss Universe 2012.

Below are pictures of some of the pretty girls.

                                                                     MISS NIGERIA   

                                                                       MISS GHANA

                                                                  MISS BOTSWANA

                                                                  MISS NAMIBIA

                                                                  MISS SOUTH AFRICA

                                                                MISS  TANZANIA

                                                                   MISS CANADA


                                                                    MISS MAURITUS

Hmm.... cant wait to see who wears the crown finally. am keeping my fingers crossed.

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