Friday, 14 December 2012

Enebeli might have committed Suicide

Some days after the death of Nigerian Actor Enebeli Elebuwa who died in an Indian hospital, someone who claims he is a friend of Enebeli is saying he believes the Nollywood actor had committed suicide.

He said after Pete Eneh’s death, Enebeli contacted him and told him he was suffering, he needs a peaceful place and that his condition is getting worse each passing day. The friend said when he told him that on the phone, he travelled to India immediately to spend a month with him, the first day he got to India, he paid him a visit and Enebeli still went on asking him to tell the doctors that he needs a better place.

He left Enebeli and went to his hotel room only for him to hear the next morning that his friend had died.
Enebeli's body will arive Nigeria tomorow. For now, no burial arrangement has been made.

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