Monday, 17 December 2012

Pastor paid money to get a dead human head.

Iku Monday is a resident of Sabo in Abeokwuta, Ogun state. He has been in police detention for the digging up a woman’s corps from the grave and beheading her. It was said that Mr. Abiodun (the late woman’s husband) had hired Monday to clear his plot of land on the outskirt of sabo for free.

Mr. Abiodun had buried his wife who died during child birth complications on that same land. According to Sunday sun, the whole problem started when Mr. Akpan a resident there saw Monday beheading the corps of the dead woman and raised an alarm in the neighborhood, immediately everyone came out and surrounded Monday.

Monday excaped from the hands of the people. But the mob chased and finally caught him and striped him naked, and started beating him. He was later asked to explain his reasons for beheading the woman. Monday finally confessed that he was sent by a pastor of a white garment church (name witheld) who owns a mission center called Oloomoe in Ayetaro (go and pray to God if that is your church oo). Monday also said that the pastor paid him N6,000 to get him a dead person’s head.

Monday pleaded that if his life is spared, he will take the mob to the pastor. He later took the mob to somewhere outside sabo, a place called Oloomore, on Sanni Road in Ayetoro area of ogun state. When they got there, all the people in the mission abi church ran away immediately they saw Monday Iku.

Some fetish materials such as wooden images of a man and woman tied together, a cock in a basket with its legs bound, horns of rams tied together with red and black materials. These and lots others were found at the center.

The Pastor abi prophet denied knowing or ever seeing Ika Monday, said Monday is an agent that was sent by the devil to destroy his ministry

But the pastor’s neigbour told the mob that he has been suspecting the pastor, that he always make fetish sacrifices. In the mean time, Monday Ika and the pastor have been taken to the police station to face the law.


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