Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Pictures from Juliuss Agu's Crack ya Ribs.

Julius Agu's Crack ya ribs which was held on the 25th of December was a bomb. I had the Christmas day fun cracking my ribs. Alot of  Nigerian comedians made the night fun. There was Okey Bakassi, Dan d Humerous, Seyi Law, hmmmm... i have forgotten some names ooo....

For Musicians, there was Kelly Handsome, M.I etc. was fun. for those of you who weren't there, i got some pictures for you.

The show which started at 7:pm closed at exactly 12:pm with an after party at Edy's Wine Bar.

Julius Agu on stage

Okey Bakassi and guests

M.I. on the stage

Kelly Handsome on the stage. When he was called upon, he said "people shouldent believe all that the media is saying about him, that he is back for good and will be releasing his new album very soon.

Julius Agu behind stage

some of the hostesses  (just love their attire)

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