Thursday, 13 December 2012

A Man tries to kill himself over eye issue

The man in the picture above is Taofeek Muraina, a resident of Gunwin Akingbile, Moniya, Ibadan, Oyo State. He is a 40 years old bricklayer who was born with one eye ball gorging out of its socket. Muraina said he has been with this eye problem all his life and as each day goes by, he feels like dying because of the way he is being treated in the society.

Mauraina was said to have attempted suicide twice and was caught on the two occasions. The first time was five months ago and recently on the 5th of December, he attempted to take his life again but was interrupted by his landlady who met him when he was mixing the poison he wanted to drink.

Mauraina said, everybody hates him because he has an eye issue, even his wife abandoned him and his 10years old son for another man. Where he does his bricklaying job everybody see him as a deformed man and nobody likes him despite the fact that he is hustling to make a living for himself and his son. These are the reasons why he wanted to kill himself.

Mauraina neighbours said his eye problem can be corrected by him undergoing a surgery but there is no fund to take him for any. When he went to the University Teaching hospital, he was asked to pay N10m.

He said he decided to end it because there is no one to help him out with the money he needs for surgery or even take care of him.

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