Saturday, 15 December 2012

Care for her now - a must read message

“My mum and I were good friends
She was my best friend

She had ONLY me and my younger sister
I lost my dad when I was 6
My mum sent me through primary till university and

even paid for my masters She sponsored my lil sister too
She only had primary school education but she was
She was 30 years older than me but we were really
She sold her land because of many of our bills and fees
She was the best in the world
Whenever I was sad she was sadder
She knew me inside out
My sister later won usa lottery and left us
Me and my mom became very close On my wedding day, she was crying a lot, I was too

But when I got married I started having problems of
my own and slowly I started to forget about her

Whenever she calls me, I will put up an excuse, I
used to think all I needed was to send her money as
my work and marital worries were stressing She lived in Eruwa, I live in Lagos I ashamedly
refused to bring her to lagos because I think it would
be another worry to me and that maybe my husband
wouldn’t like her despite me not even asking him
I began to distance myself from her, even though I
loved her loads I kept sending her money but was too busy to visit
her in 2years
One day her neighbour phoned me saying she was
ill, I talked to her and I sent money for her
treatments. After some days, a doctor phoned me
saying mama needs attention that she had not been taking her drugs properly and that she had been on
her own for two days without care from people
around her. I was upset I started asking where was
auntie this? and auntie that? And because it was on
Wednesday I couldn’t visit her but told the doctor to
arrange care and that I would foot the bill and I promised to come over on Friday after work. I
arrived Eruwa late Friday evening I couldn’t believe
my eyes when I saw her. She had aged so quickly
and her health was deteriorating.
She was glad to see me, she held my hand and
whispered I miss you. Shame enveloped me It was like i was dreaming that I had not seen her for
2years. That aalone sent some cold chill up my brain
she narrated how much she missed me . She was
weak and I started giving her all attentions I had not
paid her. She asked after my two daughters, again
knowing she had not seen her grand daughters for awhile too is heartbreaking i was dumbfounded as I
could not explain why I didn’t bring them along. She
said it would have been nice to see them again. I left
on Sunday evening cos I had to get back to work on
Monday, thank God she was getting better. She was
being treated at home. As I drove home, it was guilt upon guilt all over me. I started to think about her
effort that made me who I am today. Then I decided
to rent a flat for her within my neighbourhood, I
would get her a personal doctor, and many other
exciting thoughts as I drove back to lagos. On Monday morning, I was told she had died in her
sleep, that devastated me. I cried my eyes out. She
died because she was not taking her malaria drugs
properly. she was 61years.
Everthing that I didn't do came rushing back and hit
me like a crash of thunder in my heart. Please, never leave your parents unattended your attention is
essential, I would empty my account plus move her
down to my room to have her back. Cherish and respect your mother while you have the
chance, money isn’t everything, care goes a long
way” The most painful phrase in this world is ‘HAD I


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